Sari is the best attire that Indian women can sport on. Indian sari is a combination of colors, character, prosperity and bliss. From the fabric to the embroidery, sari is the best attire for any traditional event. Women today might be very comfortable in a pair of jeans and a random blouse or a kurti. They miss out the uniqueness and incomparable style that brings out in a traditional sari.

My mother is the person who has fascinated me by her massive collection of unique and graceful saris. When ever I open her closet, it is filled with different fabrics of saris from cotton to silk; plain to printed saris; Banarasi to Kanchipuram saris; all stacked in multiple layers of artfulness. Whenever I have gone sari shopping with her, I’ll be amused by her potential to select unique and graceful saris every time. I am privileged to indirectly tell I own them too. 😉

Taking an inspiration from my mother, today I have grown enough to understand the charisma of saris. Here are few pictures of me wearing a green rose silk sari with simple red pallu and red blouse. It has a band of golden going throughout both the sides. Green has always been my favorite color and the combination of red and green is very enriching and vibrant. I also have worn a green bindi matching to the sari and a beautiful piece of earring from Meena Bazaar, Dubai.

The photographs are clicked at home by my patient husband. It was a spontaneous shoot, we didn’t think much over any other location; thought clicking indoors will be the most comfortable. I hope you like the pictures. 🙂

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Little Paws..

It was a summer break of 2 months and I was home after a hustle-bustle of college life. I was with my parent and just wanted to stay at home and have some family time. During that time, my dad had a broken bone and was on complete healing care. Mom goes for work at 9 a.m. during weekdays and she would be back by dusk. As he couldn’t move or walk around much, I stayed at home most of time helping him with special care. I tried to cook some dishes to keep myself occupied.

The first couple of weeks whiled away by rearranging my room, chatting with friends, watching movie etc. and as days passed I started to get bored. I was the only kid for my parents. But I’ve never felt this lonely ever before. Was it because I was at home most of the time? Was it because I did have company? I, of course, did not want to disturb dad from this bed rest. One fine morning, I woke up and went to the backyard to get the dry clothes and I hear a loud squeak. I turned around but did not find anything. So I went back inside. After a while, I was cooking lunch and through the kitchen window I heard the squeak again. I thought I would have been some bird and neglected it. I heard it again, louder and continuous. I got curious and stepped out again to check where the noise came from. Under a shrub close to the side-fence I found too cute little kittens. They were white with black spots on them, looked at me with their full-sized round eyes, wondering who this celestial is! I tried to get them, but they ran back in fear. I’ve always been with cats since childhood, so I knew the tricks to attract these kittens. I immediately ran to the kitchen, grabbed a grated coconut shell, poured some milk into it and brought it out. I showed them the milk. They looked hungry and started meowing louder. They slowly came towards me with their tiny paws.


The cute little cats drank the whole milk I offered and looked at me with a content face. That very moment, I considered them as my new pets and gave them names; SASHA and MISSY. I don’t know where they even came from. My granny used to tell that kittens love to play and push each other after eating. They did that exactly and I watched them play. I quickly asked my resting dad if I could bring them in. He did not mind, but told that I have to take care of them. The over-excited-me ran back to the backyard to bring them in. They were very comfortable in the house too. They did not look astonished or scared. The two started rolling and running around the house. As dad had a broken leg, I tried my best to keep them out of his sight. I took an old basket, tore one of granny’s old sarees and made a bed for the kittens. After a good play with each other, they jumped into the basket and took a nap. They were adorable little things. I fed them milk for the next couple of days and also sent them out in backyard at times to give them their freedom to play around the tiny shrubs.

One fine morning, they were out playing and I was watching my favorite TV show. Suddenly, I heard a loud screech. I ran to the backside towards the kittens. I saw Sasha glaring at me in fear, but Missy was missing. After looking around for a while, I saw it liking on the ground still. I carried Sasha and moved closer and found it been snapped on her neck. The poor cat was already lifeless. Sasha and I looked at her in sorrow and helpless. I spotted a mongoose cross the fence and realized it must have attacked on Missy. There was nothing that could have been done. I dug grave for Missy and covered her completely.

After this tragic case, Sasha was well taken care by everyone at home. She was given good attention so that no other mongoose picks her and attack on her. She loved to play around on the couch, jump from one side to another. She used to hang on the curtains like Tarzan. I gave her tiny beads and she would dribble it around like humans play football. I carried her with me everywhere. I would put her to sleep in her basket and then go to sleep. After a while, she lies next to me quietly for some warmth. She loved to rest on my tummy. She grew slowly and I started feeding her rice, fish and other solid food. Sasha was an active happy kitten.


It was almost time for me to go back for my next semester in two weeks. Right then Sasha seemed every different. She slept for longer hours and was less active. I did not notice in the beginning. I got worried later on. She ate less and would drink only milk. I asked my mom what was wrong. Mom knew what was happening but told me she might be sick or has some infection from some food. I realized I had given her de-veined prawns few days back. Could that have caused her fall so ill? I still have no idea. Two weeks passed and she never got well. Dad got better now; he slowly started to take steps on his own, but not Sasha. My 2 long months of vacation had ended there, I was sadder that I had to leave sick Sasha home than anything else.

Sasha did not survive for more days. Within 3 days after I left, it was found dead. Mom and Dad knew how attached I got with Sasha. They left me a message saying “Your friend Sasha is no more. She was very ill after you left”. And I still miss her.




By the end of 2013, I was done with my Master’s degree. I was a freebie in Dubai who was thrilled to start up a new career life. From a student’s hostel, I moved out to an apartment with a working roommate. I must have experienced immense pressure with the job hunt but my lovable boyfriend, Rahul and friends set me in ease most of the time. The wait for a standard job went on till February end. Nothing seemed to work and I didn’t think it was practical for me to stay more paying all my bills and for food without a job. So I decided to go back home with half my luggage hoping that I will return later, which I did.

Once I was back home, it was a period of laze for the first few days. In one or two weeks, my wedding was almost settled (not to worry, with my boyfriend itself). I was astonished and edgy because it was all so quick and early. I did not expect myself getting married at the age of 23. By mid of March, Rahul and I were committed for a wedding which was fixed for the very next month. In less than a month’s time, complete shopping, inviting people, bridal grooming for the big day was through. Finally the day had arrived, and we had our cute simple temple wedding at one of the most sacred temples, the Mookambika Temple located in Karnataka. The wedding was followed by a memorable cocktail party with close friends and then a family reception; both from Kerala. After a good one week of joy, unwinding and a lot of love at the in-laws place, we came back to square one; Dubai.

In a couple of day’s time, we were honeymooning in Turkey. We visited two beautiful destinations; Istanbul and Cappadocia. Istanbul was our first stopover. The commercial city has striking historical and cultural lines of Europe and Middle-east. The climate was pleasant with an average temperature of 20°C. Four days were well spent by sight-seeing Taksim Square, roaming across Istiklal Avenue and viewing the whole city from the roof top of Galata Tower, exploring into the mesmerizing Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia, Turkish souvenir shopping at the Grand Bazaar, cruising across the Bosphorous Lake to the beautiful Princess Islands. Despite of these popular landmarks, we also visited few shops, churches, galleries, Whirling Dervish show, resto-bars and found that each place had its own unique historical structure from the Ottoman Era (early 20th century).

Cappadocia which was our next destination was a complete variation from Istanbul. The place amused us with nature’s astonishing formations with volcanic landscape. The hotels and houses were tailored in these cave dwellings. We explored through the admirable Goreme, Urgup, Selime and different valleys on our own by renting a bike. The last day we went on the hot air balloon fired up with 100 other balloons to view the breath-taking early morning sunrise. With us we had to end our getaway and get back to Dubai to our usual routine.

We were home and began a life together, knowing our fickleness, and finally, building a home. In a month’s time, my very first job was fixed. I was an employee from the month of June. A new platform and a learning ground where I was paid for my work. My parents visited Dubai for a week in the month of November. They attended my Graduation ceremony. All these years they have taken me around to different places. For the first time, I had an opportunity to take my parent around and spend some bucks for them. They were contented seeing our happy living.

Nothing has changed till now. It has been a joyful year with beautiful and fun-loving people around me. I just wanted to share my most memorable year.  I further look forward for more excitement and love in the following years.